IT jobs in the Baltics



1. General

1.1. These conditions of use (Conditions of use) regulate the use of website (Website). The Website includes whatsoever documents (among others pictures, videos etc.), available through domain or its sub-domains, and any databases necessary for use of the Website.
1.2. Conditions of use are available within the Website under url:
1.3. BalticITjobs means the owner and administrator of the Website referred to in Clause 5.8 of the Conditions of use.
1.4. The user of the Website (User) is every person, who uses the Website. 1.5. Within the meaning of the Conditions of use usage of the Website is considered to be the downloading, opening or processing in any other way of whatsoever document constituting the Website.
1.6. The prerequisite for the use of the Website is that the User consents to the Conditions of use. If the User does not consent to the Conditions of use, the User shall have no right to use the Website. The User shall only have the right to use the Website in conformity with the Conditions of use.
1.7. When proceeding to use the Website, the User concludes an agreement (Agreement) with BalticITjobs, the conditions whereof are contained in these Conditions of use.
1.8. Through the Website BalticITjobs offers to the User different services (Services). In case the User and BalticITjobs agree on additional conditions for using a Service, the Conditions of use shall regulate the use of that Service insofar as it is not in contradiction with the additional conditions.

2. Website and its use

2.1. The Website enables the User to obtain information on job offers and other information related to employment and to publish job offers.
2.2. Use of the Website is free of charge.
2.3. The User may only use the Website for finding a job or an employee for him- or herself. The User shall not be permitted, without previous consent of BalticITjobs, to use the Website in whatsoever manner for providing services to a third party, regardless of whether the service is provided for a fee or for free, or to use data acquired from the Website for a purpose other than provided in the previous sentence.
2.4. The Website is only a technical solution, through which employers can publish job offers and job seekers can apply for the job offered. BalticITjobs shall not participate in negotiations between the job seeker and the employer nor is BalticITjobs a party to the agreement reached. Thus BalticITjobs will not be responsible for the fulfilment of the agreement concluded by the use of the Website. Using the Website or Services does not guarantee for the User that he or she will find a job or a suitable employee.
2.5. BalticITjobs has not verified the background of any User nor does it give any confirmations on the correctness of data provided by the User or published by the User. BalticITjobs recommends that Users would thoroughly study the background of the other party to the contemplated agreement before concluding it, including making sure that the other party has the capacity to duly fulfil the agreement to be concluded.
2.6. BalticITjobs shall not be responsible for data or documents entered by the User in the Website. The User shall be solely responsible for the data (including its correctness and legality) entered in the Website. The User has the right to enter only such data or documents, which are correct and do not infringe on the rights or interests of BalticITjobs or any third party.
2.7. The User undertakes to correct or delete any incorrect or incomplete data published on the Website immediately after the User finds out or should have found out that the data is or has become incorrect or incomplete.
2.8. Any job offer published on the Website by the User shall meet the following conditions:
2.8.1. The job offer must be in the English language;
2.8.2. In a single job offer an employee may be searched for just one job or office and in a single location;
2.8.3. After publishing a job offer, the User is not allowed to change essential terms of the job offer, especially the title and description of the offered position (except for
obvious mistakes);
2.8.4. The job offer may not include a reference to the possibility of applying for the job offer in any other way than by sending a CV through the Website.
2.9. BalticITjobs will review any job offer entered in the Website prior to publishing it. BalticITjobs shall have the right to correct mistakes in job offers. BalticITjobs has no obligation to publish any job offer entered in the Website and may refuse to publish a job offer without giving any reasons for that.
2.10. During the process of publishing a job offer BalticITjobs will send to the User a link through which it is possible to edit or delete the job offer.
2.11. BalticITjobs shall have the right without notice to remove from the Website any data or documents infringing on the rights or interests of BalticITjobs or third parties or which are incompatible with public order or public morals. If BalticITjobs has removed data or documents from the Website, the User shall not have the right to re-enter the same data or documents in the Website, unless BalticITjobs grants consent to that effect.
2.12. While using the Website, data concerning other users of the Website, including personal data, may become available to the User. The User undertakes to process data obtained by the use of the Website according to rules and procedures as specified in legislation. The User shall refrain from any acts, which might entail discrimination of job seekers or in any other way damage job seekers' rights.
2.13. The User shall have the right to use the Website only with the help of commonly used web browsers (for instance Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.). The User shall not use the Website through software or devices that allow automatic inquiries to be made without human participation. Upon violation of this clause BalticITjobs shall have the right to demand from every offender a penalty of 10 000 euros for each violation. Every inquiry violating the terms of this clause shall be considered a several (individual) violation.
2.14. BalticITjobs may from time to time and without notice change the Website in whatsoever manner, among others restrict access to User’s data or documents, change the content and scope of Services offered to the User, restrict the use of Services etc. However BalticITjobs shall not change the Website in a way that the content of the Services would be altered in its essence.
2.15. BalticITjobs shall use its best endeavours to make sure that the Website would be constantly available and usable. However BalticITjobs shall not be responsible for whatsoever interruptions in the functioning of the Website or for any damage incurred as a result of the interruption.

3. Processing of personal data

3.1. BalticITjobs shall process personal data under User’s consent subject to the Conditions of use for the purpose of intermediating information related to job offers and CVs and for providing other information related to employment.
3.2. By agreeing to the Conditions of use, the User shall give consent for processing of his or her personal data for the aims and under the procedure specified in the Conditions of use.
3.3. A User, who is a natural person, shall have the possibility to send his or her CV through the Website to a potential employer.
3.4. BalticITjobs will only forward to the potential employer the CV provided by the User. BalticITjobs will not review the CV sent through the Website. Any information included in the CV will be considered as sent directly from the User to the potential employer.
3.5. BalticITjobs shall not be responsible for further use of the personal data of the User, which has become known to a potential employer through the use of the Website or Services.
3.6. Parties have agreed that BalticITjobs has no automatic obligation to transfer User’s data to users of Services or to third persons. If User wishes that BalticITjobs would transfer User’s personal data to a third person, the User shall submit to BalticITjobs a written application to this effect, indicating to whom and what personal data the User asks to transfer.
3.7. The User permits BalticITjobs to process his or her personal data in order to analyse the labour market trends and improve the Services. BalticITjobs will not deliver the personal data processed under this clause for further processing.
3.8. By agreeing to the Conditions of use the User agrees that BalticITjobs shall process contact details and CV of the User for the purpose of contacting the User concerning the job offer for which the User applied or to provide information regarding other job offers.
3.9. In case the User does not wish further processing of his or her personal data, the User shall send to BalticITjobs a respective notice and BalticITjobs will delete the User’s data within a reasonable time.
3.10. The User shall have the right to request once per month from BalticITjobs information on persons, who have had access to User’s personal data.
3.11. By consenting to the Conditions of use, the User shall grant consent to BalticITjobs to use cookies on the Website with the aim of personalising Services and contributing to providing better Services to the User.

4. Copyrights and other intellectual property

4.1. All copyrights and related rights (among others the rights of database maker) related to the Website and works published thereon shall belong to BalticITjobs.
4.2. The User assigns to BalticITjobs free of charge all economic rights to whatsoever data, documents or other works, which he or she enters in the Website. The User warrants that by entering of data or documents in the Website no third party copyrights are infringed. Economic rights shall be considered as assigned to BalticITjobs by entering the data, document or work in the Website.
4.3. The User shall grant to BalticITjobs, as regards the matters contained in Clause 4.2 a free exclusive license to use User’s personal rights in whatsoever form and manner within context of Copyright Act without geographical limitations for the whole term of validity of copyrights. The User shall limit the manner and scope of exercising his or her personal rights subject to exclusive licence granted under the Conditions of use. BalticITjobs shall have the right, as regards the User’s personal rights, to grant sub-licences. Exclusive licence shall be considered as granted to BalticITjobs by entering the data, document or work in the Website. Exclusive licence granted under the Conditions of use shall embrace all further developments of the data, document or work. The User shall permit, upon need, making in his or her work and in the User name symbol any whatsoever alterations, adding to his or her work other works, illustrations, comments etc. The User agrees that BalticITjobs is not obliged to reflect the User’s name with the work.
4.4. Users or third parties shall have no right, without a previous written permit by BalticITjobs, to reproduce, disseminate, forward, translate, include in other databases and make extracts from the Website and its components or to use them in whatsoever like manner. The User shall undertake not to deliver to third parties whatsoever works, which he or she has received by using the Website.

5. Final clauses

5.1. Both parties shall have the right to rescind the Agreement at any time, tendering a notice to the other party.
5.2. BalticITjobs shall have the right, without notice, to limit or deny the use of the Website or a Service by the User or to refuse to provide a Service and/or rescind the Agreement, if the User violates the Conditions of use or additional conditions of Service or User’s activity infringes the legal interests of BalticITjobs.
5.3. BalticITjobs shall have no obligation to conclude an Agreement with a User or to enable the User to use the Website or to provide Services to the User. BalticITjobs has no obligation to provide any reasoning for declining to conclude an Agreement.
5.4. BalticITjobs shall not be responsible for whatsoever damage, incurred by the User or a third party in connection with the use of the Website or the Agreement. Insomuch that the liability of BalticITjobs cannot be excluded the liability of BalticITjobs shall be limited by an amount equal to fifty (50) euros.
5.5. BalticITjobs may change the Conditions of use from time to time without the User’s previous consent, publishing the altered Conditions of use on the Website. The altered Conditions of use shall apply as of their publication on the Website. If the User disagrees with changes in the Conditions of use, he or she shall have the right to rescind the Agreement within one (1) month as from the publishing of the altered Conditions of use on the Website. In case the User fails to rescind the Agreement within the term specified in this clause, he or she is considered to have agreed with changing of the Conditions of use.
5.6. The Conditions of use and the Agreement shall be governed by Estonian law.
5.7. Disputes arising from the Conditions of use, the Agreement or the use of the Website shall be settled by way of negotiations. In case no settlement is reached, the dispute shall be finally settled in Harju County Court in Tallinn, the Republic of Estonia.
5.8. The owner of this Website is CV Keskus OÜ (register code: 11325768; location: Mustamäe tee 46, Tallinn, Harju county, 10621; e-mail: